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A to B Group



All Private Hire bookings for 16 seats and above require a minimum of 50% deposit prior to booking. Cheques will not be accepted within a 14-day period of the date of hire. We do not accept any form of card payments.


Any booking cancelled on the day of hire will be charged at full rate. Private hire bookings cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at full rate. Any coach bookings cancelled within a 48-hour window will be charged at 50%. Any coach cancelled within a 7-day window during PEAK period of June/July will be charged at full rate.


Wheelchair users must ensure that they have a Carer/Adult with them who can assist them to the vehicle & out of their property. Upon request we can supply a Passenger Assistant at an additional cost to the hirer.


Except for Assistant animals, animals may not be carried unless by special arrangement with the company & with advanced notice.


Customers must inspect their confirmation documents at the time of booking to verify that the date, destination, pick-up point & amount are correct.

Guarantee of Travel:

Whilst we make every effort to operate the hire, we are unable to accept any responsibility for any expense, loss or inconvenience caused to anyone should the service be cancelled.


Refunds will only be made at the discretion of the Company.


It is essential that you provide a mobile contact number to the office when making your booking. If the office tries to contact you in a state of emergency but are unsuccessful for whatever reason, any liability will be withdrawn.


It is not permitted to consume alcohol within the Company vehicles on any hire.


Smoking is not permitted on any vehicle.

EATING / DRINKING (Soft Drinks):

This will only be permitted with the driver’s discretion & that the conditions of Valeting (14) will apply.


The company will not tolerate any behaviour that prejudices the safety, comfort or wellbeing of any passenger. Should a situation arise were a person(s) behaviour comes to the attention of our driver, we reserve the right to evict the person(s) from the vehicle or, contact the police to intervene.


The company reserves the right to make an additional charge if a booking is late in leaving at its scheduled departure/return time. The rates applicable will be dependent on the date / time of day & the size of vehicle.


The company reserves the right to charge an additional £50.00 if the vehicle is left beyond a reasonable state of tidiness at the end of the hire. Rubbish must be disposed of into black bags by the hirer.


Passengers are responsible for any personal items & it is strongly recommended that any valuable items are not left unattended. We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to a passenger’s property.


Parking charges are at an additional cost to the hirer unless otherwise stated at the time of booking.


The use of toilet facilities on the coaches will always be a chargeable extra & cannot be used without prior agreement at the time of booking.